Physical Therapists – Do Physical Therapists Like Their Jobs (You May Be Surprised)

While you can find a person who likes just about every kind of job out there, not all careers enjoy very high levels of job satisfaction as a whole. It’s important to know how people end up feeling about their careers as they are in the midst of them, because it can give you a clue as to how you might feel too, and whether or not a particular line of work is the right path for you. Physical therapists, for example, enjoy extremely high levels of satisfaction, making the prospects of entering this field even more exciting for prospective students.

One of the key facts behind this comes from a 2007 survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center. This survey found that over three quarters of physical therapists responded as being “very satisfied” with their jobs. That’s more than 75%, and it shows you that if you end up pursuing physical therapy, it’s extremely likely that you’ll end up feeling happy about your line of work.

Not only is this an extremely high percentage, but it’s actually the number 2 highest rated profession for job satisfaction across any industry or area. Number 1 belonged to clergy, and no other health care related profession ranked in the top 5.

But there are a few other surveys and rankings which help to bolster the case for physical therapy even more. In November 2010, ranked physical therapy as the number 4 best job in America, in a top 100 list. A year before that, the U.S. News and World Report included physical therapy on their list of the best careers for the year.

Now that you know how highly satisfactory physical therapy can be for most of the individuals in the field, it’s important to know why. Right at the top of the list is that physical therapy is extremely rewarding in terms of helping people and improving their lives each and every day of your working life. You’ll always feel positive and like you’re doing something worthwhile as you work as a physical therapist.

Intrinsic rewards are great, but let’s be honest, earning a good salary is also very important for the career that you’ll have. Physical therapists bring in very high salaries, and there are also great job opportunities right now for new professionals. That means you’ll be able to land a great job very quickly, and once you do, that job will pay you what you deserve, on top of all of those other great benefits and rewards.

Some careers have job satisfaction rates of about 50-50, and many others fare much worse than that. So when you see that 75% of physical therapists love their jobs, the 2nd highest ranking career of any, then you really have to take it seriously. If you haven’t been considering physical therapy before, you might definitely want to consider it now, from the high salaries and numerous job opportunities, to the intrinsic rewards of helping people every day.

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